The Continental Drift

Turkey is a multicultural paradise. From historical mosques to beautiful beaches, a spectrum of a few words fails to describe this destination. This place is for the wanderers who need to explore a vivid ancient culture in existence. In the middle of the two major continents of Europe and Asia, the land of Turkey has a rich and well-preserved history that attracts explorers from around the world.

Arrhythmia of Time

You may not skip a heartbeat, but you shall experience some serious time skips. From Istanbul’s majestic Blue Mosque to the Hagia Sophia Museum, each step in the city of Istanbul brings you beautiful preservation of time and love. After marvelous monuments, natural beaches, and mountains, one would expect the journey to be complete. However, the most interesting destination in Turkey is yet to be explored. Cappadocia is a region filled with caves. In these caves, a raw photograph of earth from each century. The famous hot air balloon in Cappadocia is nothing less than a time machine.

The Singing Shores

Turkey enjoys a very attractive geographic variance, towards the clear blues of the Mediterranean lies the city of Antalya. This majestic place features beaches alongside a mountainous region. If the natural magic was not enough, Antalya also has a preserved ancient city called the Kaleici. Antalya is magical in one word; nothing about this place seems ordinary.

If the beautiful beaches of Antalya and the cultural mosaic of Istanbul was not enough to satisfy your wanderlust, Turkey also has a resort town called Kusadasi. This place is dedicated to making the best tourist experience come alive.

Following the preservation and man- made sculpture, Turkey also feature a naturally made marvel in the town of Pammukkale, literally meaning the ‘Cotton Castle’. Some earthquakes sorted the land of Pammukkale into a naturally built monument. With its thermal pool and abundant limestone-snow, Pammukkale has been the home for various civilizations

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