The Utopia on Earth

Philosopher Plato used ‘Utopia’ as a term to proclaim the perfect land. In our contemporary world, Switzerland is the closest to this meaning. If you close your eyes right now and think of your most dynamic travel plans, we are sure, a span of Switzerland can fulfill it all. From majestic waterfalls to outstanding composition of metropolitan culture, Switzerland is the one place of everything that the human civilization adores in the 21st century.

Chocolates, Monuments and a Lot More

The city of Geneva holds an international reputation for being a major headquarters of the United Nations. Around the hike, it is also home to the world’s most expensive amenities and cuisines. However, that is not what Switzerland is primarily known for, the world famous natural sights envelops the major cities like Geneva and Zurich. Zurich sporting some beautiful architecture becomes a favourite spot for tourists. Same is the case with the capital city, Bern, which is iconic for the river Aare that follows through the settlement in a peaceful and clean channel.

What interest the travellers the most is the town of Interlaken. As the name suggests, this town is locked with beautiful clean lakes. On top of the amazing topography of mountains and lakes, the city is almost like a resort town, filled with comfortable ways to explore and enjoy.

To Flying Heights and Falling Skies

The sight of the Rhine Falls is truly mesmerizing, being the highest waterfall in Europe, the spectacle endure a heavy tourist attraction. But as mentioned before, one should always expect from Switzerland. Just when you think that the sight game cannot be stronger, the swiss mountains are ready to cheer your imagination. The adjacent ranges of Mount Titlis and Mount Jungfrau are great places for Ice Skiing and Sightseeing. Being at the top of Switzerland, one cannot help but cherish the aesthetics of this magical country.

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