New Zealand

The land of Adrenaline & Serenity

The land that invites fire and ice alike, New Zealand is the natural mosaic of our planet. Calling out to discover the most enchanting mountains followed by some magical forests, the country is home to some amazing natural phenomenon. While discovering the natural pathway that grew as recovery to the volcanic activities, one is bound to experience an aura that is exclusively a marker of New Zealand.

The Northern Narrative

The massive Pacific Ocean greets New Zealand in the north providing a beautiful marine scape to follow. The modern city of Auckland is where natural beauty meets the land of modern marvels. As one proceeds down the majestic land, away from the modern settlements, attractions like the Hamilton Garden and the Waitomo Glowworms Caves mesmerize the travelers. After discovering the universe of the Waitomo Glowworm Caves, the Rotorua springs embrace the visitors with a comfortable spring bath. If relaxing is not on your list, Northern New Zealand offers a range of exciting activities including the world’s first Bungee Jumping called Taupo.

The Southern Symphony

Following the trail, one arrives at the iconic Hanmer Spring Pools. Floating to the east, the land of New Zealand welcomes the explorers to its cultural feast at Christchurch and the freezing Kaikoura range. Apart from these amazing spots, most tourists love to explore the city, Queenstown. Queenstown is a place that embrace the co-existence of nature and humanity if somehow you get bored of the amazing settlements feel free to sail the sky witnessing the gorgeous scape of the ocean, mountains and the city chilling together. On the topic of ‘chilling’ the glacier named Franz Joseph is clearly the winner, this attraction is the hottest tourist spot despite being literally the coldest space in New Zealand. It all concludes in the peaceful experience of the Milford Sound Tour that takes you across waterfalls, forest and mountains all floating over the great water body.

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