The Royal-Coaster Ride

The city of London carries a dense history that links almost the entire world. Whether it is the massive literature from the very home of English as a language or the metropolitan fair that exhibit about 300 languages, London has its way of establishing an authentic journey. It is the best place for cultural exploration and is also known for some worlds finest dining experiences. A must visit for someone looking for an elite travel experience.

Chocolates, Monuments and a Lot More

If not from the Lord of the Rings, the two famous tower from London is surely one of the wonders known to the world of architecture. Starting from the London Bridge, the link between the City of London and Southwark. Grown with the civilization, this bridge is an indispensable part of the British Route of discovery. Next to the London Tower following the trail of the river Thames, the visitors are greeted with another iconic creation called the Tower Bridge. Filled with the incarnation of the British culture, these towers give a strong and dynamic spectacle to the travellers.

The Mysteries of Past

One of the most famous components of the trip to London is it’s prehistoric sightings. The Bath tour that devours upon the Roman structure is closely situated to the mysterious arrangement of giant stones called Stonehenge.

These places are a different realm, altogether. A traveller experiences a unique flow of culture channeling through them, while discovering the preserved sights. Attracting more than just archaeologists, Stonehenge is proclaimed for its mystical aura of history that is enjoyed by travellers from all over the world.

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