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The heavenly sights, indeed. Popularly referred to as the Trinity of Artistic Aesthetic, Rome, Milan, and Venice hold an integral place in the tourism industry. These three cities make Italy a kingdom of dream destinations. The music, the food, the monuments, the culture, the art and the endless list of world famous locations, travelling through the trinity is an adventure that cannot be simply explained in words or pictures.

Transcending Time

Starting from the north, Italy offers exuberant locations to devour and discover. The city of Milan stands with one of the most impressive city structure and artistic architecture. Inside the authentic ancient structures, however, Milan is a metropolitan space of modern amenities. This metropolitan in disguise of a masterpiece never seems to disappoint any expectation when it comes to the authentic cuisine to the cosmopolitan experiences.

Following the Northeastern trail, we come across the city of Venice. Venice appears to be the heart of the entire European Continent. With the streams of water accompanied by the most antique architecture around the world, Venice serves the traveller with nothing less than a beautiful dream. Being visited by almost 50,000 tourists every day, Venice is recognized as one of the most attractive locations to explore and endure.

The Gothic Duomo di Milano cathedral, the Santa Maria Delle Grazie convent and the St. Mark’s Basilica are just some of the world famous location that one discovers on the journey of Milan and Venice.

Suspended Space

”Italy has changed. But Rome is Rome.”
– Robert De Niro.

If Milan and Venice helped you time travel, the music from the streets of Rome straight up paralyze the space around you. The impact of Rome is such that the spectator stands spellbound to beauty. The Colosseum sends a stare to the entire world as the king of ancient architecture. The Roman Forum, the Vatican Museums and the list goes on, Rome is a must-visit destination for anyone who seeks the crude form of art or human civilization as a whole.

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