The Addictive Landmark

France is home to breathtaking landscapes embellished with its incredible heritage, architecture, literature, art and of course, the mouth-watering cuisine. France is graced by the abundance of cafés and fancy restaurants serving fine French wine and popular croissants. Heart rendering countryside and feet tapping French jazz together makes it the most visited and adored European country that captivates the tourist’s heart with its charm and beauty.

The City of Lights and Love

Paris is the spirit of France that tops every bucket list and takes place in every visitor’s heart. This dreamland is often known as the ‘City of Light’ that illuminates the artistic imagination often seen in its museums and cathedrals. Paris is also well known as the ‘City of Love’, embedded with romantic sites like the Eiffel Tower that offers a magnificent view of the city from every floor and a sparkling sight at night from a distance.

The emblem stands for a bright structure of love in the dark nights. It seems that its never too late with the Eiffel Tower around, Twenty Four hours, the monument is the spectacle of pure beauty.

Sailing Through Seine

Eiffel Tower’s glory can be enjoyed from the popular cruise of the enchanting Seine river. These cruises are accompanied by the floating restaurants which capture unforgettable memories of witnessing the best attractions of the city like the Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame and Arc de Triomphe. This city not only offers the best fashion stores, cuisine and perfumes but also a flight to the fairy-tale world of joy and adventures through the Disneyland park. A trip to Disneyland can refresh childhood memories and can create some memorable ensuring a good family time. The overall experience of Paris, therefore, attracts a wide variety of travelers from all around the world.

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