The Preserved Paradise

Fiji is the harbor of love, an island that greets the ocean and the travelers with an outstanding scape. Situated in the south Pacific ocean, Fiji is a quintessential destination for nature lovers. With over 300 islands, this destination offers all the fruits of a tropical paradise that makes it a unique spot on the globe.

The Primitive Culture of Love

Fiji might be popular as one of the exotic natural spots on the globe, its perseverance of culture and peace is what actually stands out. The moment you step into the islands of Fiji, one is bound to feel the warmth of a preserved humanitarian culture. The term ‘Bula’ actually stands for ‘Life and Good Health’. This greeting that shall accompany you for life, that’s the positive impact of Fiji. Such an ambiance makes Fiji perfect family destinations.

The Endless Adventure

After discovering the warmth of the culture, one can devour the vivid natural exposition that allows great adventure activities. Sailing the seas to the forests and discovering isolated majestic spots, the Fiji islands embrace nature and curiosity alike.

The Island of Viti Levu is the major tourist spot, which is surrounded by more islands that are waiting to be experienced. Different islands around the Viti Levu offers the home for different travelers. From romantic isolated spots to adventurous accords in the barrier reef, the travelers can pick the right route to their happiness.

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