The Land of Luxury

On the Southeast coast of the Persian Gulf lies a city that takes the visitor into a futuristic realm. Dubai is not just about the futuristic architecture and luxury, the city also houses the coolest cultures around the globe. Attracting tourists for all the fun reasons, a trip to Dubai is a once in a lifetime experience. The free-spirited comfort with the ornament of luxury makes Dubai, nothing less than a dream.

The Modern Planet

The city of Dubai has an artificial Atlantis island, a vast desert and some major metropolitan attractions, making it an entire unique world of possibilities. The spectacles of the city is varied, from the highest man made object to the natural stretches of sand and iconic fountains. Dubai is a place that can be enjoyed by the whole family, packed with surprises for each interest.

The Palm Island is however, the most stark attraction. The artificial island is reminiscent of the lost city of Atlantis. While travelling through this marvel, one is bound to think of how the old myth of the lost city is now a modern revelation cherished by the whole world.

Arcade and Amusement

Another astonishing city in the United Arab Emirates is its capital Abu Dhabi. Exhibiting an overall artistic city architecture , Abu Dhabi is home to a renounced cultural hub.

Around the same shores of excitement, this place is home to the best amusement parks in the world. These outstanding thrilling parks are also accompanied by some of the world’s best aquariums. So from sophisticated exploration to innocent thrills, this tour packs it all.

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