The Island of Love

If you hold a map to find Bali, you might notice it as an Indonesian island that is situated in the middle of several other such provinces. What makes this specific place so unique is its natural plethora with the preserved culture. Over the years, Bali has become the most visited Indonesian Province, attracting tourists from all over the world seeking a secluded spot of recreation and adventure.

Dare, Discover or Drowse

On the arrival of the exotic land, the island going to offer a variety of options. Based on your own convenience, you may take up a relaxing luxurious stay, or sneak in some sports gear for Jet Skiing or maybe even a Banana Boat. If none of these scenarios interests you, The Uluwatu Temple is bound to mesmerize you with its natural and cultural aura. Know to preserve an incarnation of Lord Shiva, the surrounding of the Uluwatu Temple contains one of the most majestic natural set-up known around the world. If you are in for more discovery, the temple is not all that calls out, the Bali Collection and the Rock Bar Bali are some more beloved places enjoyed by tourists.

The Picture Perfect Island

After discovering the aura of the beautiful Temples and flushing the adrenaline through some water sports, it is time to discover another an island that shall sustain your memory forever. The West Nusa Penida is known to be a natural heaven for photographers. With crude creativity from God, the island is filled with outstanding sights of beaches and rocks making up the best of the natural architect like the Angel Billabong.

These shores where the ocean meets the mighty rocks are popular all around the world. The elements that surround the natural scape of Nusa Penida is almost heavenly in all aspects. The wind, the land and the everlasting ocean greets the travelers with the best symphony of sense that can only be felt in this island of Bali.

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